Apr 13 2014

Black Diamond Engagement Photography – The Elegance of Darkness

The color of the night and elegant fashion

There has always been something special about the night for me, from a fashion and stylist perspective, too. One can sit back and imagine all the nocturnal events and pleasures one can partake of. They are somehow better when enacted in the evening. The dim lights and the vibe of the time period in a way creates are certain mood that one cannot resist but participate in. This is evidenced by clubbing in dance halls and going to bars to get some drinks. Doing these things at this time seems a bit more proper if not allowable. There are of course those nice quiet strolls and also those candle-lit dinners with high quality champagne and the like.

The night is just amazing!

my dark colored engagement rings to photograph

The bling bling of Diamond Stones

A diamond is forever. Its been said for so long. This piece of clear rock is as captivating as it has ever been. It is truly a sight to behold. There are four characteristics that go into finding a quality diamond. They are known as the four Cs:

  • Color: the colors ranges from white, black, yellow, brown, dark and turquoise to mention a few
  • Carat: this pertains to the size of the diamond, it could be anywhere from a half carat, to an obscene ten carats, it really depends on the budget of the wearer
  • Clarity: clarity deals with the clearness of the diamond, this where one examines if there are any defects or cloudiness within the piece
  • Cut: this goes more into how the diamond was extricated from the main rock, it can be a princess cut, square cut, heart shape, oval or a solitary diamond

The proposal from Fashion and Diamonds – Why Are These so Popular Nowadays?

Single people like going out and meeting someone new. There is certain adventure, a thrill to it. It is like reading a new book. One tries to go through it chapter by chapter, carefully sifting through each and every page. They are cautious to peek to the very end lest they spoil the surprise.

For those singles who are finally approaching the end of the book or being single for this matter, would be the proposal stage. What better way to begin a new book together than with black diamond engagement rings? They are as mysterious as when one meets another for the first time.

The enigma of a diamond and engagement stone

the elegance of blackness

When a man proposes to a woman, he makes sure that he does so in a memorable way. It must be special because the lady in his life is special. Black diamond engagement rings are in itself special as well.

Its dark beauty is a sight to behold. It draws you to it. Its look can further be enhanced by the ring it is placed on. White gold can be a good choice. The brightness of the metal is in stark contrast to the dark and somewhat foreboding appeal of these black diamond engagement rings.

One needs to know how much they are willing to spend before they set out to get one. It would make it easier that way. One would like to be able to purchase the right stone when it does reveal itself to the buyer. This would make for a lasting memory.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, the opinion of a fashion photographer. Of course since diamonds are so expensive, I didn’t have too many photos taken of diamonds, but I do have quite a few replicas and rings for myself. Feel free to check them out here.

Apr 6 2014

Fashion and Style Photography from Altar Benez Stylist

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, where I publish my work and photographs that I take of stylish, extremely elegant and good looking women.

Working by taking photos of women is a very rewarding job, I get to take photos of one of the most beautiful creations of God.

This is just some filler text so that I reach over the required word count for this post, because I decided that all my posts should have some meat. Now that I think of it, I’ll also upload a photo here:

Fashion Work by Altar Benez

This is truly a privilege that I even get pad for this, so I decided to create this personal blog where I upload images of the women I encountered during my job. Don’t worry, of course the images I’ll upload will be 100% legal and I’ll get all the agreement of the women I take photos of, so you can feel free to browse the site and check out my work, too.

More About Fashion Photography and Altar Benez

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can visit my about me page, but I’ll introduce myself here really quickly, too.

I started wedding photography and engagement party photography when I was just 18 years old, and thanks to the high quality of my photos and work my employers decided to award and promote me, so I turned out to be the youngest professional fashion photographer of New York city, where I work.

Watch this video below to get a feel for the type of work we photographers have to do every day, and you’ll quickly realize why I love this line of work so much.

Let me know if you have any questions related to my work of photographs, I’m happy to let you know everything I managed to master about fashion photography in the last 20 years.

What Type of Photos Will I Publish On This Site?

I’ll publish and show you some of my favorite photos, that’s why I think about this blog as a personal website, and not a professional one.

  • I’ll show you photos about
  • women in beautiful clothes
  • women in beautiful dresses and shoes
  • women wearing really amazing and breathtaking jewelry
  • the most fashionable furs and leathers in the world
  • and I’ll even publish my work about women working out using the most modern gym equipment.

Of course I’m not a feminist, so I really enjoy taking photos of women working in the kitchen as well, so you can expect to see photographs about that line of work, too.

Yours sincerely,

Altar Benez